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Daniel J. K. Ross

An award-winning composer, songwriter, and music producer, Dan has accumulated a lengthy list of film, television, and music production credits spanning multiple genres. Principally a guitarist, as a multi-instrumentalist Dan has expanded his work into the electronic realm and the unlimited possibilities of combining traditional elements with new approaches to create hybrid scores. 



Vancouvercomposer Daniel Ross


-- Dan wins "Best Musical Score - Feature Length Documentary" for "Dead Man's Switch - A Crypto Mystery" at the 2022 Leo Awards


-- "Dead Man's Switch - A Crypto Mystery"  wins "Best Feature Length Documentary" at the 2022 Leo Awards


-- "Dead Man's Switch - A Crypto Mystery" premieres at Hot Docs 2021 and DOXA 2021 April/May             2021)

--   Behind The Scenes video of Dan discussing his scoring method for "Dead Man's Switch - A Crypto Mystery"

-- "The World Is Bright" has been nominated for

    2021 Canadian Screen Award "Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary" and Best Editing             (Lawrence Le Lam)

-- "The World Is Bright" director Ying Wang wins Hot Docs 2020 Emerging Canadian Filmmaker Award

-- "The World Is Bright" Feature Documentary Premieres at Vancouver International Film Festival Sept.       29/2019   Director Ying Wang wins Sea To Sky award

--  "LUK' LUK' I" nominated for five 2018 Leo Awards, including "Best Score"


-"LUK' LUK' I" named one of Canada's Top Ten Films of 2017


- Wayne Wapeemukwa wins DGC Discovery Award for "LUK' LUK' I"


- "LUK' LUK' I"  wins "Best BC Film" at The Vancouver International Film Festival


- "LUK' LUK' I" wins "Best Canadian First Feature" at The Toronto International Film Festival


- "LUK' LUK' I" screens at The Vancouver International Film Festival, October 3 and October 8.

- "SRORRIM" wins multiple 2017 LEO Awards, including "Best Score"

Dead Man's Switch - A Crypto Mystery


Winner: 2022 Leo Awards Best Score in a Feature Length Documentary 

Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous and sometimes nefarious world of cryptocurrency, Dead Man’s Switch is a feature length documentary, a cautionary tale, about the short life & mysterious death of QuadrigaCX CEO, Gerald Cotten. 

An official selection of Hot Docs 2021 and DOXA 2021

Film website

Winner 2022 LEO Awards Best Feature Documentary

The World Is Bright


What would you do if your only child died mysteriously in another country and was buried sight unseen? Following the epic 10-year journey of an elderly Chinese couple searching for the truth behind their son’s death in Canada, this film is a rare revelation of immigration, mental health and a Kafkaesque state bureaucracy at the heart of global migration.

The World Is Bright" was nominated for a 2021 Canadian Screen Award "Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary"

and "Best Editing" (Lawrence Le Lam)


Film website

Eric Buurman from the film Luk' Luk' I
Luk' Luk' I

Composer (Nominated Best Score Leo Awards 2017)

 “Luk’Luk’I” (pronounced approximately"Luck Lucky") is the name for the swampy area known today as Vancouver’s ‘Downtown Eastside’.

The feature length film presents director Wayne Wapeemukwa's incisive vision of the "true north strong and free." Luk' Luk I won the Best Canadian First Feature Film award at The Toronto International Film Festival and Best BC Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Dreams Of The Dead


DREAMS of the DEAD is a collaboration between Marlene Rodgers and Franco Pante of Nightvision Productions. They co-directed this intimate, first-person story about the demolition of a family home, in the wake of the death of Marlene's grandmother. Marlene works as a writer, and Franco as an editor, in the film and television industry in Vancouver, Canada



Composer/Music Editor

Timber Kings cast

Timber Kings is the hit HGTV series stoking the perennial dream of "a cabin in the woods" for an international audience.

Fear Of Houses shopping cart wheel


An acoustically/electronically driven artist from Vancouver, BC. Written by Jordan Carrier, produced by Daniel Ross.


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