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Experience & Evolution

At age 7, Dan taught himself Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on the piano by ear (though his hands couldn't quite reach the left hand octaves!) and he's been immersed in music ever since. Next was the Eb horn, the recorder, and in his teens, the guitar, which became his main instrument, followed by keyboards, bass and drums. He went on to perform countless gigs in the Vancouver area and on the road, eventually finding his way into music for film and television. While completing a Bachelor's Degree (Philosophy/English Literature) Dan continued to develop his music on many projects from original bands, to record production. 


As a guitarist, he has shared the stage with Peter Frampton, Jewel, Radiohead, Joni Mitchell, and many more. Eventually he became almost exclusively immersed in music for picture, only pausing to produce the occasional record, create sound design for theatrical productions, or to join friends' bands live on stage.


Over the years Dan has had the good fortune of working on a wide variety of projects with many gifted collaborators. These rich experiences have shaped his distinctive style as he continues to evolve his craft, with a particular focus on hybrid scores combining traditional score elements with cutting edge digital technology.


"...whatever the context, story is paramount, and whether the score's role is to invisibly support the narrative, or - if called upon - to push it forward aggressively, ultimately sound and picture should fuse into one seamless whole..."

Among Dan's hundreds of episodes of episodic television - from CTV's quirky series Robson Arms, and HGTV's hit Timber Kings, to the innovative award winning films of directors Sheona McDonald (Dead Man's Switch - A Crypto Mystery), Ying Wang (The World Is Bright) Wayne Wapeemukwa (Srorrim, Lul' Luk' I​), Dan brings valuable experience and a colorful creative palette to every project.  

Vancouver Composer Daniel Ross
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